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Boat Hound Inspection Services

Boat Hound: Who Are We?

Boat Hound was founded on February 12, 2014, by Wayne Williams, a Florida resident since 1970.

Growing up on Florida’s west coast, Wayne is an avid fisherman, scuba diver, and an accomplished boater who enjoys both power and sail. With over 40 years of experience and extensive cruising knowledge of the Gulf Coast, Keys, Bahamas, and East Florida waters, Wayne is a master of seamanship.

In 2010 Wayne could resist the water no more and he left the corporate world to pursue his personal dream of sailing the beautiful Florida waters. He even spent 2 years as a liveaboard! During that time, Wayne bought and sold over 3 million dollars in boats and watercraft both personally as well as a Licensed Boat Broker.

Over the years, Wayne has fine-tuned his ability to seek out and find the true gems of the sea, a skill reinforced by his purchase, owning, operating, repairing, and selling just about every kind of vessel out there!

A true professional, Wayne strives to deliver excellent customer service and to ensure that your experience on the water is as rewarding as his own has been!

Found That Perfect Boat?

Before you hand over the cash, have one of our professional boat inspectors take a look at the vessel to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. From a basic walk by inspection to a full, detailed underwater and mechanical inspection, we will be as thorough as you need us to be so that you can know that you are making a sound investment.

Know EXACTLY what you’re getting for your hard-earned money before you make the purchase!

Boat Hound Can Help You To...

  • Find the right make and model of boat for your needs.
  • Get advice on specific boat models from fellow boat lovers who have first-hand experience with those models.
  • Carry out a basic inspection of a specific boat of interest.
  • Carry out a walk-on inspection of a specific boat of interest.
  • Carry out an underwater inspection of a specific boat of interest.
  • Carry out a mechanical inspection of a specific boat of interest.

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